Religious Organizations

At ACB, we’re happy to serve religious organizations. We have dedicated professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help religious institutions fulfill their vision. Our years of experience have helped us to develop industry standards to help you anticipate the outcomes financial decisions will have on the congregation. We understand religious organizations and how you operate. Our experience extends beyond just lending. We understand capital fund raising and can help you avoid common problems. We can also provide direction on resolving many of the obstacles religious institutions commonly face during construction projects.

We’ll help guide you through the process, whether undergoing construction or just renovating an existing facility. We can tell you how your congregation’s current level of giving compares to the national averages and whether giving-per-attendee is likely to increase or decrease going forward based upon your plans.  We can provide additional guidance by evaluating your contributions-to-expense ratios.

ACB will also help you navigate agreements to purchase, entitlement issues, zoning and environmental concerns.  Meet with us today to discuss
the scope of your project before spending large sums of money on architectural designs for a project that may be too costly to build.