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Fraud Updates

Fighting Vulnerable Adult Financial Exploitation and Fraud

Thousands of older Americans are victims of financial exploitation every day. Each victim loses on average more than $120,000. Older Americans are targeted not only because they have accumulated $18T in assets, but also because they are more likely to suffer from cognative decline making them vulnerable to exploitation. Financial exploitation will only get worse as the older population continues to grow. See article here for additional infromation from the CFPB.

At American Commerce Bank, N.A., we as a team are dedicated in fighting this fraud with extensive training internally and externally. Below, we have provided many documents that help explain this type of fraud and how to fight it. We partner with AARP, CFPB, and The Department of Justice Elder Justice Initiative, among many other organizations, to assist with this training. In 2020, through AARP’s BankSafe training program, American Commerce Bank completed a rigorous course and became a certified financial institution in this specialized training to help fight elder financial abuse. Please click any of the following links for available documents to assist in understanding elder financial exploitation/fraud.

Money Smarts by CFPB

Georgia DHR Elderly Abuse

Elder Justice Initiative – Elder Abuse

Elder Justice Initiative – Financial Exploitation

Elder Justice Initiative – Financial Scams